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Simple But Effective Link Building Tips

Any Internet marketer you ask will tell you how important it is to build targeted backlinks to sites or blogs they are promoting. There is no way you can get to the top of

The most effective Method to Wear Plus Dimension Evening Gowns

You can locate lots of part time formals and prom dresses on the web and that’s the very best approach to store. Most folks who are marginally within the heavier facet have an enormous

Public Relations: What will happen in 2011

The past few years have turned PR on its head. As media consumption has shifted almost entirely to the Internet, many print publications have struggled to adjust their editorial approaches to accommodate and PR

Public Relations: 2011 and what to do

Public relations will play a more critical role for companies in 2011 and this is why a savvy public relations agency or PR department will be worth its weight in gold. Media outlets are

Giving Your Business The Professional Look It Requires

Items that are imprinted with your business logo have a much bigger impact, over those items that are hand written or distributed without any imprinting at all. When you have imprinted items being utilized

Which Tactic Will You Use At Your Next Trade Show

A trade show event is one that your business should never pass up. By working a booth at a trade show you not only have the advantage of gaining exposure in your community, but

Giveaway Your Logo With Promotional Holiday Gifts

The holidays are rapidly approaching. So what are your holiday gift giving plans? Are you thinking about cutting back because business has been slower these past few months? Honestly that is not the best

3 Steps To Writing A Great Business Award Entry

If you are confident about your product, and are looking for a way to boost your sales, winning a business award is one of the best ways to attract new customers, especially if they

Increasing Sales During The Holidays

In the retail industry, the use of promotional items is something that should always be considered, and it is even more important with the holidays approaching and the country still struggling financially.

6 Simple Steps To Get Offline Publicity For Your Business

Doing business over the Internet offers many advantages, such as being able to work anywhere and having a vast market to work with. That doesn't mean that you have to stick to online publicity.

Using E-Mail to Get Publicity

Email is commonly associated with communication. Publicity frequently makes people think of press releases and paid advertisements. Email can be used skillfully, though, as a publicity booster for your company.

What is an Executive Profile and What is included in One

An executive profile is a brief, but detailed report describing the particular attributes of often high power executives. A company's CEO, President, Vice-President, Director of Marketing as well as other department heads may

Have You Started Work on Your Fall Book Promotion Yet?

The scramble for this fall’s book promotion is about to get underway. Whether you’re a new author, new publisher, or just someone who’s been in this business a long time, you probably understand the

How A PR Firm Quotes Project Rates

There are several elements factored into a quote from a PR firm. There is also the fact that no two quotes will be the same because every individual seeking out a public relations firm

Four Tips To Get Talk Radio Hosts Interested in Your Book

Talk radio interviews are one of the bases of a writing homerun. In fact, they’re custom-made for non-fiction authors who want quick, affordable national exposure for their titles. Let’s face it, where else can

Get Green: Use Environmental Public Relations

More and more these days’ people are worried about the environment. You will find that many more companies are now launching public relations campaigns in order to show their customers and the rest of

Do You Know What is Missing From Your Public Relations Plan?

“In my nearly twenty years of experience in the public relations industry the missing link to many publicity campaigns is positioning! I have found that by correctly positioning each book, product or service you

Taking Your Campaign on the Road: Five Author Tour Tips Serious Writers Need to Know

In the ‘old days,’ there was a specific formula to book promotion. A no-holds barred author tour was the answer where the author would go for a winning mixture of television, radio, print and

What is the Missing Link in Your Publicity Plan?

It seems that the missing thing in many people’s pr plan is positioning. I have found that by correctly positioning each book, product or service you can literally double your media exposure.” Friedman continues,

Get Valuable PR in Your Hometown Using the Media

As an author, you may have recently published a book. In writing this title, you dedicated much of your time and passion in order to create a final piece of work that can be
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